Yes there was a man named Enoch Taylor (pictured below). Enoch Taylor was a fine looking man with a grand beard and a vision of making a boot that would fit the Australian foot like no other.

Every shoemaker claims to have the perfect Australian fit but Enoch Taylor actually measured hundreds and hundreds of Australian feet, then carved the perfect last. It hadnít been done so thoroughly before.
Interesting because Australian fitting expert, John Gilmour, from the Bootery in Melbourne recently said; "More than half the shoes presented by suppliers to the Bootery do not fit."

Enoch Taylor devised a clever way to fit boots. He designed special patterns that followed the flow of Australian feet. When they were stretched over the unique lasts the results were different to what people had worn before, it was better, by far. After this decision, T-Boots became the footwear with the "no squeeze" fit. The boot not only has enough width but the heel shape cuddles the wearerís heel, a critical aspect for good fitting footwear.

There are a lot of advantages being 150 years old. Experience has taught that economy in the factory can be transferred to keen prices. Being 150 years old means you know the shoe business better than accountants, marketers and businessmen who are only intent on making money. Like John Gilmour says "They can produce brilliant business plans and talk the jargon of the stock exchange and modern management, but they donít understand footwear. They dismiss as old hat shoes which have been in production for years because of brilliant fitting characteristics; and they abandon the lasts and styles which customers would almost kill for."

T-Boots can capture the best of todayís advances and incorporate it into styles that have proven themselves. An example of this is the use of Dual Density polyurethane in the soles of T-Boots. The material is strong, flexible and light to wear. T-Boots incorporates this and also uses a full length, soft insole to improve comfort. But the company retains the magical last.

The lightweight soles are a special bonus for the ladies safety range. Women prefer T-Boots when it comes to safety footwear. Bob Skinner, from Mobile Industrial Workwear, says he offers several brands but the T-Boots usually come out on top.

Outside Australia the quality and professionalism is equally appreciated. The boot below is sold to Germany as well as other places in Europe. Not bad for an all Australian company.


T-Boots customers are very loyal. A lot of footwear companies gain custom from advertising, promotion and multinational forces but T-Boots use their own 150-year rule.

It is called the "no squeeze" fit!