Designed for tactical use in the Fijian Jungles


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Platoon - the jungle boot provides unparalleled tread, flexibility, and comfort while you perform outdoor activities. The boot’s upper section is made of breathable and flexible leather and fabric material, providing you with a wide range of motion while traveling on uneven surfaces. The boot gives you high ankle support when securely tied with the eyelet lacing system. Each boot comes with a thick vulcanized rubber cleated outsole for enhanced traction while you are on the move. Constructed with a penetration-resistant mid-plate, the sole boot reduces strain on your heels and calves so you can withstand long days on your feet. Whether from perspiration or traveling through wet environments, the boots will keep your feet cool and dry.

Product Specifications

Technical Specs

UpperBlack Leather in 1.8 to 2.0 mm thickness. Waterproof, rot resistant, heavyweight Cordura fabric.
SoleVulcanised Rubber sole. Heat resistant to 300 degrees Celcius.
LiningLeather and Cotton Drill lining.
FootbedFull length, Closed Cell PU foam footbed with long wearing, absorbent mesh fabric cover.
Toe CapWide fitting steel toe cap, guaranteed to resist a 200 joule impact. Steel is the safest toe cap material available, and gives the highest level of resistance to impact, punctures, cuts, and compression.
SizesFrom size 6 to 15
ThreadsRot-Resistant Nylon Threads

Key Features

Rubber sole with deep cleated tread for jungle wear
Breathable, water resistant leathers
Humidity resistant sole - will not decompose over time
Penetration resistant steel mid-plate
Rust proof metal hardware
Quick dry materials
Rot-proof threads
Tough rot proof nylon laces
Wide fitting

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